Welcome to the Nottingham Fitness Bootcamp!

We’re guessing that you’re here because you came to the same conclusion having tried all of the above and saw it fail.

Or maybe you’re here because you’ve spent ages trying to to tone up but the shiny gym machines and got nowhere?

No matter who you are, I’m willing to bet big money you’re thinking the following…

“I really need someone who has proven results, to help me get rid of … (insert any problem area… the bingo wings? Beer belly?) ”

“I’ve tried it all, help  – I want to look lean and toned!”

“I want something more exciting than treadmills and trainers fresh out of school who just want to talk about what I did at the weekend!”

“I want to work in a group[ environment but without getting wet and cold in a dog-muck ridden park!”

“I want to know EXACTLY what to with my nutrition to get back into my favourite jeans!”

“I need a company renowned for their coaching ability rather than some gym instructor who has found a space outside to make people run around”

These are all things we’ve heard from the people already on our camp!

Jemma went from being overweight to training with us and eventually  competing in half-iron man triathlon events and the infamous Tough Guy event!

It’s not your fault you’ve got poor results until now.

Listen I’ll be honest with you.

I started out as ‘wet behind the ears’ gym instructor at the biggest gym in Nottingham so I saw first hand what goes on in these places and how little focus there is on getting real results for women.

Womens training was all about aerobics classes (where the only thing that changed was the music, never anyone’s shape), marathon sessions on the Cross trainer watching the shiny TV’s and very few women ver considering picking up a dumbbell( pity, lifting weights is actually CRUCIAL to fat loss…)

There was very poor and confusing nutritional advice. Hell, most of the instructors could be found a the bar having chips at lunchtime!

I found all of that unacceptable, I hadn’t invested time and money in studying to become a personal trainer to end up in an enviroment like that!

So, despite being succesfull as a trainer there, I quit and went off to start my personal training company, BodyClocq.

After a few years of helping people achieve awesome results I decided to find a way to reach out to more people in need of my help and get them to turn around their lives. And what better way than opening up to bigger groups of people?

So the Nottingham Fitness Bootcamp was born!

Throughout the years we’ve proven to hundreds of Nottingham people that you can only achieve your best body ever by getting out of aerobics classes and off the crosstrainers  classes and stepping away from the power plate.  Start using  Kettlebells and  interval training instead, surrounded by a supportive group of likeminded people coached by trainers that actually care about your results and can help you progress at every session

You can expect all of the following from us:

- Maximize calorie burning with sessions that last between 45 and 60 minutes and keep burning for the next 24-48 hours –accelerated calorie burning whilst you rest

-Gain access to our fat loss nutrition strategies that have helped people drop up to 16 pounds in just 2 week and that will rapidly improve your health

-Experience th exciting variety of our training methods that have a devastating effect on your body fat-

- Learn techniques that have an immediate impact on all 600 muscles so you don’t have to spend your life on the cross-trainer!

-Greatly increased energy and stamina levels throughout each day

-dramatic reductions in body fat and improvements in body shape

-Inches flying off the waist and hips

-But dont take our word for it, after all we could be making this up right?

Here are some words from a few of our clients:

“Just wanted to drop you a line of thanks for the morning bootcamps with Mel.   Without wanting to sound like an ‘extreme fitness’ type (as that would be far from the truth), they are massively enjoyable and a real high energy way to kick start the day (with higher energy levels throughout the day too).  In just 45 minutes twice a week they have toned up limbs and middle-aged tum in a way that no other exercise or class has, and have brought a high level of fitness and confidence.  The routines vary with each session, and the class size is just big enough to have a great buzz, but small enough to get individual support from Mel.  I’d not done any major exercise for a few years after having my son, and initially was pretty wary of having a go – but I’d really recommend anyone just to give it a go and see for themselves.”!
Sue Egar “

Lucy Hull – Transformed herself for her wedding day
Lucy Hull – Transformed herself for her wedding day

“Most gyms mean same class, same routine, same instructor every week. It never changes and you never progress what you do. Everyone works at the same level, irrespective of their ability, and most people seem to be there to say they’ve done some exercise rather than to actively get stuck in. The Nottingham Fitness Bootcamp is different. In 4 years I’ve met some fantastic and inspirational people who have helped me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. The class camaraderie is awesome – everyone pushes and encourages each other to the next level. The classes are never the same, in fact I’m sure I’ve never done the same thing twice – a welcome change from that identical music and routine every week which is so often seen. Everyone can work at their own level, with different progressions of each exercise based on experience, so there’s no need for newcomers to feel intimidated. Laurence, Mel and Maria are hard but fair task masters – fun, encouraging, and positive but with a mean streak (in a good way if that’s possible!) that makes you work hard because, after all, that’s what it’s all about.”


“I’ve been attending the Notingham Fitness Bootcamp classes for just over a year. I’ve lost weight and gained both condition and strength. With Laurence’s advice and encouragement I’ve run my first 10k and improved both deadlift and squat weights. I really enjoy the classes because the balance between support and challenge is just right. Beginners are supported and encouraged not just by the instructors but also by other members of the class, there is a great team spirit. However there is plenty of scope to be stretched and push yourself further if, like me, that’s what you are looking for. Each class can be attempted at many different levels. Regular team challenges provide goals to work towards and bring the team together. Laughter and a sense of fun keep everyone going even when the going gets tough!”

Chris Skeats

Sign up now and experience what it’s really like to drop pounds of fat and get a great looking body!

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We look forward to having you on the team and hope you’re ready for action…and results!